Sprite sequences

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Listed below are all sprite sequence types with their properties and their default values plus developer commentary. Related types with their possible values are listed at the bottom.


Generic sprite sequence implementation, mostly unencumbered with game- or artwork-specific logic.

Property Default Value Type Description
Filename String File name of the sprite to use for this sequence.
FilenamePattern String File name pattern to build the sprite to use for this sequence.
Start 0 Integer Frame index to start from.
Length 1 Integer Number of frames to use. Does not have to be the total amount the sprite sheet has.
Stride -1 Integer Overrides Length if a different number of frames is defined between facings.
Facings 1 Integer The number of facings that are provided by sprite frames. Use negative values to rotate counter-clockwise.
InterpolatedFacings Integer (optional) The total number of facings for the sequence. If >Facings, the closest facing sprite will be rotated to match. Use negative values to rotate counter-clockwise.
Tick 40 Integer Time (in milliseconds at default game speed) to wait until playing the next frame in the animation.
ZOffset 0c0 1D World Distance Value controlling the Z-order. A higher values means rendering on top of other sprites at the same position. Use power of 2 values to avoid glitches.
ZRamp 0 Integer Additional sprite depth Z offset to apply as a function of sprite Y (0: vertical, 1: flat on terrain)
ShadowStart -1 Integer If the shadow is not part of the sprite, but baked into the same sprite sheet at a fixed offset, set this to the frame index where it starts.
ShadowZOffset -0c5 1D World Distance Set Z-Offset for the separate shadow. Used by the later Westwood 2.5D titles.
Frames Collection of Integer The individual frames to play instead of going through them sequentially from the Start.
IgnoreWorldTint False Boolean Don't apply terrain lighting or colored overlays.
Scale 1 Real Number Adjusts the rendered size of the sprite
Reverses False Boolean Play the sprite sequence back and forth.
Transpose False Boolean Support a frame order where each animation step is split per each direction.
FlipX False Boolean Mirror on the X axis.
FlipY False Boolean Mirror on the Y axis.
Offset 0,0,0 float3 Change the position in-game on X, Y, Z.
BlendMode Alpha BlendMode Apply an OpenGL/Photoshop inspired blend mode.
Combine MiniYaml Create a virtual sprite file by concatenating one or more frames from multiple files, with optional transformations applied. All defined frames will be loaded into memory, even if unused, so use this property with care.
Alpha Collection of Real Number Sets transparency - use one value to set for all frames or provide a value for each frame.
AlphaFade False Boolean Fade the animation from fully opaque on the first frame to fully transparent after the last frame.
DepthSprite String Name of the file containing the depth data sprite.
DepthSpriteFrame 0 Integer Frame index containing the depth data.
DepthSpriteOffset 0,0 2D Real Number X, Y offset to apply to the depth sprite.


A sprite sequence that can have tileset-specific variants.

Inherits from: DefaultSpriteSequence.

Property Default Value Type Description
TilesetFilenames Dictionary with Key: String, Value: String Dictionary of : filename to override the Filename key.
TilesetFilenamesPattern Dictionary with Key: String, Value: String Dictionary of : to override the FilenamePattern key.

Related value types (enums):


Possible values: None, Alpha, Additive, Subtractive, Multiply, Multiplicative, DoubleMultiplicative, LowAdditive, Screen, Translucent

Referenced by: DefaultSpriteSequence